The Deep South’s 2nd Oldest Rivalry

Time to digress.  This website (blog) is dedicated to bankruptcy law and developments, but it’s MY website, so I can post whatever I want.  If I choose to use this forum to publicly boast about winning a bet, while humiliating the loser, well, I can – and will – do that here.  The “loser” is Mike Hurtt.  Mike is a colleague of mine – a bankruptcy attorney from Dalton, Georiga.  Mike is a good man, and I consider him a good friend, except for the second or third Saturday of every November, when his team – Auburn (Tigers or War Eagles, not sure) – plays my team -the Georgia Bulldogs.

The terms of our annual wager are simple: (1) the winner gets lunch anywhere in Rome, GA, compliments of the loser; (2) the Vegas point spread is never taken into consideration – ever.  (“Points? We don’t need no stinking points“); and (3) the winner gets bragging rights, for the entire year.   To the best of my recollection, the first annual wager was the 2002 matchup, so we are 9 years into the tradition.

The winner of our annual wager makes sure the loser endure as much misery as possible.  The winner will typically show absolutely no restraint or sportsmanship when it’s time to order lunch.  “What’s the most expensive thing on the menu?”  Fortunately, though, as far as misery is concerned, Mike has suffered more of it than I have.

Here’s a synopsis of the UGA vs. AU game results since “the wager” started:

106 November 16, 2002 Auburn, AL Auburn 21 Georgia 24 AU 51-47-8
107 November 15, 2003 Athens, GA Auburn 7 Georgia 26 AU 51-48-8
108 November 13, 2004 Auburn, AL Auburn 24 Georgia 6 AU 52-48-8
109 November 12, 2005 Athens, GA Auburn 31 Georgia 30 AU 53-48-8
110 November 11, 2006 Auburn, AL Auburn 15 Georgia 37 AU 53-49-8
111 November 10, 2007 Athens, GA Auburn 20 Georgia 45 AU 53-50-8
112 November 15, 2008 Auburn, AL Auburn 13 Georgia 17 AU 53-51-8
113 November 14, 2009 Athens, GA Auburn 24 Georgia 31 AU 53-52-8
114 November 13, 2010 Auburn, AL Auburn 49 Georgia 31 AU 54-52-8
115 November 12, 2011 Athens, GA Auburn 7 Georgia 45 AU 54-53-8

With Georgia leading the wager-series  7-3,  we’ve had some memorable lunches after some memorable games.

That 2002 game was defined by that incredible game winning touchdown pass from David Greene to Michael Johnson  (who was never heard from before, or after, that game).

In 2003, the crowd noise was deafening when Odell Thurman picked-off Jason Campbell and raced 99 yards for a touchdown to seal the win.

There was 2006, when Auburn was ranked 5th in the nation, and UGA upset Auburn (in Auburn) 37-15 to destroy Auburn’s championship  quest.  The Tigers’ leading receiver was Tra Battle, who caught three passes for 69 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately for Auburn, Battle is a Bulldog.  I remember making myself laugh by repeatedly saying to Mike (weeks after the game): “Did you hear the news, Tra Battle just intercepted Brandon Cox again!”

How much fun was it to dance to Soulja Boy at “the blackout” game in 2007?  That game was as loud as I’ve ever heard the crowd at Sanford Stadium.

This year’s victory ought to represent UGA’s 6th win in a row.  (Don’t even get me started on that pseudo-felon, Nick Fairley, the dirtiest player to ever play college football.)

This year’s game was, oh so sweet.  Did y’all see our special teams player, Quintavious Harrow, LAY OUT that guy for Auburn?  If not, here it is.

Now, for the pictures from the victory meal.  For his year’s victory lunch, I selected Longhorn’s Steak House.  Thank you Mike, and the Georgia Bulldogs, for a wonderful meal.

“Thanks for the lunch, Mike!” “Mmmmm, cabernet.”  Like that Bulldawg tie?

Mike’s reaction – “The bill is HOW MUCH??”

Good times!  Looking forward to next year – GO DAWGS!!


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