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Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Accused of Wrongfully Charging Debtors for Court Error

Another rip-off alert involving collection attorney, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates. I’ve written about this collection firm before, warning my clients and cosumers about the aggressive collection tactics of this collection firm:

Yet again, Channel 46 CBS Atlanta News reports that Frederick J. Hanna & Associates faces new accusations of ripping-off debtors.  According to the report, a class action lawsuit was filed accusing the law firm of garnishing paychecks of debtors for late charges or interest they didn’t legally incur or owe.  Check out the article, and watch Fred Hanna squirm when approached by the investigative reporter, at this link:

If you feel like Fred Hanna is ripping you off or taking advantage of you, please give me the opportunity to help level the legal playing field. I take-on Fred Hanna every single week. Check out the client testimonial page of my website for a sample of the results:

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