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Frederick J. Hanna & Associates Accused of Wrongfully Charging Debtors for Court Error

Another rip-off alert involving collection attorney, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates. I’ve written about this collection firm before, warning my clients and cosumers about the aggressive collection tactics of this collection firm:

Yet again, Channel 46 CBS Atlanta News reports that Frederick J. Hanna & Associates faces new accusations of ripping-off debtors.  According to the report, a class action lawsuit was filed accusing the law firm of garnishing paychecks of debtors for late charges or interest they didn’t legally incur or owe.  Check out the article, and watch Fred Hanna squirm when approached by the investigative reporter, at this link:

If you feel like Fred Hanna is ripping you off or taking advantage of you, please give me the opportunity to help level the legal playing field. I take-on Fred Hanna every single week. Check out the client testimonial page of my website for a sample of the results:

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How to Beat a Lawsuit or Garnishment filed by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates – Fight Back!

Over the years, I have successfully  represented hundreds, maybe even  thousands, of clients sued or garnished by the collection firm of Frederick J. Hanna & Associates.  I’ve managed to help these clients in a variety of ways, whether it’s defending the lawsuit, or erasing the judgment through bankruptcy.

If you’ve been sued by Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, I can help.   Here’s some practical advice:

1.  KNOW YOUR ENEMY.  Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is not a creditor.  They’re a debt collector.  Because they’re a debt collector, you are entitled to the protections afforded to you by Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”).    The FDCPA protects you from unfair and unreasonable collection tactics.  If a representative from Frederick J. Hanna & Associates has violated any of the FDCPA provisions, we can help you fight back.  We will not hesitate to sue Frederick J. Hanna & Associates on your behalf, seeking monetary damages for FDCPA violations.  Call our office for your free case analysis, and we will tell you if you’ve got a valid claim.

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates was investigated by the State of Georgia Office of Conumer Affairs for unfair and deceptice practices, and possible violations of the FDCPA.

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates was recently busted by a consumer attorney for filing lawsuits against consumers that had falsified signatures.

Specifically, Frederick J. Hanna & Associates was in the news because of their falsified court filings one of their mass-lawsuit filing attorneys, Dennis Henry.  Apparently, it had been uncovered that several of the lawsuit complaints filed in Gwinnett county in late 2010 supposedly did not bear the signature of Dennis Henry, but a forgery possibly done from within Frederick J. Hanna & Associates.  Complaints filed within our court system are supposed to be actually signed by the attorney filing them, not someone else signing their name.  On top of that, they were notarized too.  Sounds a lot like the robosigning going on else where in the country.  If debt collection attorenys are too lazy to even use their own hand to sign complaints, what makes you think they will put effort into “validating” your debt, as they are required to do pursuant to the FDCPA?

You should know that Frederick J. Hanna & Associates or its client has likely purchased your debt from the original creditor or another collector.  When purchasing debt, the buyer does not pay anywhere near 100% of the value of the note.  For example, if you owe $10,000 to the original creditor, it’s likely that Frederick J. Hanna & Associates or its client purchased the receivable for pennies on the dollar – maybe for as low as 15%, (or $1,500, in our example).  That means that you may be able to settle the matter for pennies on the dollar.  If Frederick J. Hanna & Associates bought the receivable for $1,500, they may settle for $3,000.  This is a “win-win” settlement.  You’ve just settled your debt for only 30% of your balance, and Frederick J. Hanna & Associates or its client has doubled their investment.

2.  BEWARE OF SETTLEMENT WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY REPRESENTING YOU.  The golden rule with regard to debt settlements is “get it in writing!”   You should always have your own attorney review any proposed consent judgment or settlement agreement.   Mr. Hanna’s office doesn’t represent you, so you should be skeptical about any proposed settlement offers.  The settlement should state that your credit will reflect that the account is settled and paid in full when the settlement amount is paid.

3.  KNOW YOUR OPTIONS.  When you’re sued, you have a number of options.

First of all, explore any possible defenses to the lawsuit.  For example, it’s possible that the lawsuit was filed after expiration of the applicable statute of limitations.  If so, an Answer can be filed raising the defense, and the case can be thrown-out by virtue of a Motion to Dismiss or a Motion for Summary Judgment

If the lawsuit was filed to recover a post-repossession deficiency on a repossessed vehicle, you may have several technical defenses based upon Georgia’s adaptation of the Uniform Commercial Code.  Did you receive a certified letter notifying you of your 10-day right of redemption?  Does the size of the deficiency imply that the vehicle wasn’t sold in a commercially reasonable manner?  These are defenses that we can explore.

4.  BANKRUPTCY AUTOMATICALLY STOPS LAWSUITS AND GARNISHMENTS.  Anoter option is a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Our office can file a bankruptcy for as little as $344 down.  The mere filing of the bankruptcy will stop all collection activity, including the lawsuit or garnishment.   We do all the work.  Typically, you keep your assets, and you pay absolutely nothing to Mr. Hanna and Associates.  A chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to give you a fresh financial start.

The worst thing you can do is “nothing.”  That’s what Hanna is hoping will happen – if you do nothing, they’ll get a default judgment and garnish your paycheck and put a lien on your property.  Fight back.   If you’re looking for an aggressive advocate with experience; an attorney who enjoys fighting  Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, give me a call, or send me an e-mail.

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