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It is possible to eliminate a second mortgage through bankruptcy

Things can get tricky when filers have second mortgages or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) when they file for bankruptcy. And thanks to the housing market that collapsed in 2007, many Americans currently do have multiple mortgages or loans attached to their homes.

A common misconception is that mortgage liens can not be removed through bankruptcy. In fact, 2nd mortgages (and HELOCs) CAN be stripped and/or discharged through bankruptcy.

Here’s how they’re treated by the bankruptcy court:

  • A HELOC in Chapter 13 bankruptcy: In Chapter 13, filers are required to make payments to their primary mortgage lender and to the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee distributes these payments among priority debtors. After the case concludes, the HELOC may be eliminated (discharged). The lender will have gotten a percentage of trustee payments during the case.
  • A HELOC in Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Chapter 7 may cancel the debt on a home equity credit line, but it cannot cancel the lien that creditor has on the house. In fact, a HELOC lender may still be able to foreclose on a filer’s house after bankruptcy is over (though if there’s no equity in the house, this would be unlikely). One way to avoid post-Chapter 7 foreclosure is to reaffirm payments to a HELOC lender in during bankruptcy.
  • Second mortgages in Chapter 13: Second mortgages that are no longer secured by a home’s value can be discharged in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Underwater homes may have second or third mortgages that are not secured any longer by the house’s value (that is, the amount of the loans totals more than what the house is currently worth). However, discharging a second mortgage will not affect what a bankruptcy filer owes on a first mortgage.

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